Norwegian media links
General media statistics
  • Department of Art and Media Studies
    at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Research covers media studies, film studies, art history, theatre and drama studies, and focuses on art and art practices.
  • Department of Information Science and Media Studies
    at the University of Bergen. Conducts media research based both in a humanistic interpretive tradition and in the social sciences. Issues pertaining to democracy and cultural dissemination are central.
  • Department of Media and Communication
    at the University of Oslo. Focuses on research, teaching and dissemination relating to modern media and their significance for society and people.
  • Amedia
    is Norway’s largest publisher of local newspaper titles.
  • Association of Local Newspapers
    organizes approx. 100 local newspapers in Norway (website in Norwegian only).
  • Association of Norwegian Editors
    organizes editors in Norwegian media.
  • Norwegian Media Authority
    is an administrative body under the Ministry of Culture, handling media issues. Can provide information about media companies and owners, media legislation, press subsidies and broadcasting licenses.
  • Norwegian Media Businesses' Association
    (formerly The Norwegian Newspaper Publishers' Association). Media trade and tariff organization in Norway, of which most members are newspaper groups (information in Norwegian only).
  • Norwegian Union of Journalists
    has a website with information about Rights and duties for the editor and the Code of ethics of the Norwegian Press.
  • Schibsted
    owns the largest newspapers in Norway and has a website with lots of information about the group's activities.
  • Aller
    publishes several weeklies and special interest magazines in Norway.
  • Bonnier Publications
    is a magazine publisher based in Denmark which publishes several special interest magazines i Norway, as well as in Denmark and Sweden.
  • Egmont
    is the largest magazine publisher in the Norwegian market.
  • Norwegian Media Businesses' Association
    is a trade organisation for newspaper publishers, magazine publishers and local televison broadcasters (information about circulation and readership, but in Norwegian only).
  • Arts Council Norway
    administers the Norwegian Cultural Fund, and is in charge of important funding schemes for Norwegian literature.
  • Aschehoug
    is one of the largest book publishers in Norway.
  • Cappelen Damm
    is one of Norway's largest book publishers, owned 50/50 by media groups Bonnier and Egmont.
  • Gyldendal
    is one of the largest book publishers in Norway.
  • National Library of Norway
    registers all books and booklets published in Norway and publishes yearly statistics about Norwegian libraries.
  • Norwegian Booksellers Association
    has a website with information about the Norwegian book market.
  • Norwegian Publishers Association
    is a trade organisation for book publishers. The members represent approx. 85 % of the sales from publishers to booksellers in Norway. Publishes annual statistics on book sales.
  • Film & Kino
    is a combination of a member organisation for Norwegian municipalities and an industry organisation for the cinema and video industries. Administers the Norwegian Cinema and Film Foundation.
  • Ministry of Culture
    is responsible for cultural policy, regulations and other matters regarding the media, e.g. subsidy schemes for film production and the press.
  • Norwegian Film and TV Producers' Association
    is a trade and employers' association of production companies involved in film, TV and game production.
  • Norwegian Film Institute
    is an executive body under the Ministry of Culture, administering all national support for film production in Norway. The Institute preserves, support and distributes Norwegian films.
  • Norwegian Media Authority
    classifies film and video, as well as video and computer games.
  • Abelia
    is a business association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology based enterprises.
  • ICT Norway
    is trade organisation for the ICT sector in Norway.
  • Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT)
    monitors and regulates the postal and telecommunications markets in Norway. Publishes annual report, 'The Norwegian Electronic Communications Services Market', with comprehensive ICT statistics.
  • Statistics Norway
    has statistics on the Norwegian information society and various topics related to ICT.