Largest Norwegian newspaper groups
Information concerning the largest companies in the Norwegian newspaper sector is compiled by medianorway, based on the newspaper companies' annual reports. Only Norwegian newspapers where the companies are in control, either directly or through subsidiaries or joint ventures, are included. Free newspapers and newspapers with less than one weekly edition are not included. 2014 onwards circulation is reported as net circulation (print and online combined). Turnover in Norway is included in the overview from 2016

A similar overview has been published annually by the Norwegian Media Authority, but this differs from the one below on several accounts: free newspapers are included, and in some cases circulation of newspapers where companies are not formally in control are counted in.
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Largest Norwegian newspaper groups 2017

Company Number of
(1000 copies)
Share of
(mill. NOK)
Largest owners  
Schibsted 13 530 26 5 189 Blommenholm Industrier (Stiftelsen Tinius) (26%)  
Folketrygdfondet (6%)  
NWT Media AS (4%)  
Amedia 63 529 26 3 201 Amediastiftelsen (100%)  
Polaris Media 29 206 10 1 518 Schibsted ASA (29%)  
NWT Media AS (26%)  
Must Invest AS (15%)  
Sparebank 1 SMN Invest AS (11%)  
All newspapers 223 2 026 100  

Schibsted's turnover includes media houses in Norway only. Online classified company is not included.

In 2015 Schibsted issued a new class of B-shares with a tenth of the voting rights of the original shares (A-shares). In this overview the ownership information is based on share of voting rights. The Tinius Trust owns 25 % of the capital.

2014 onwards the overview is based on net circulation (print and online combined).

Ownership information applies to the same year as circulation figures.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

Medienorge may have more detailed data than presented here. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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