Press subsidies
Public subsidies for the press were introduced in Norway in 1969. The main objective of the subsidies is to maintain a heterogeneous newspaper landscape with a primary focus on local competition. Later on, grants to selected publications were introduced, such as political newspapers, newspapers for minorities or special groups etc. The most important subsidy are the production grants, which are awarded in proportion to the newspapers' circulation and market position. Press subsidies in Norway are administered by the Norwegian Media Authority.

In addition to the direct press subsidies listed here, Norwegian newspapers receive indirect subsidies in the form of exemption from VAT on newspaper sales.

This overview presents total subsidies, as well as different types of support granted over the years.
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Press subsidies 2018 (1000 NOK)

Type of support2018  
Telecommunications support -  
Production subsidies320 000  
Support for press offices -  
Applied research and training11 510  
Distribution support -  
Grants to Sami newspapers28 100  
Grants to specific newspapers -  
Grants to minority newspapers -  
Distribution support Finnmark2 135  
Postage compensation -  
Total subsidies361 745  
Number of newspapers with production subsidies -  

Compensation for postage costs is incorporated in the production subsidies from 2008 onwards.

From 2007 onwards grants to selected newspapers are administered by the Norwegian Arts Council. The 2007 sum consists of grants to minority newspapers.

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