Free newspapers in Norway
Free newspapers are print newspapers that are distributed free of charge, financed mainly by advertising. Data on Norwegian free newspapers are collected by media researcher Sigurd Høst at Volda University College. Høst annually presents comprehensive statistics on Norwegian newspapers in a report titled 'Avisåret'. Information about free newspapers, however, are not updated every year. Only free newspapers with minimum one issue a week are included.
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Free newspapers in Norway 2017

Name Editions
per week
Area Owner Start-up Circulation  
Kristiansand Avis 1 Kristiansand Fædrelandsvennen (Schibsted) 2007 50 000  
Byavisa Tønsberg 1 Tønsberg Local company 2005 43 000  
Byavisa Drammen 1 Drammen Content Media 2009 40 000  
Nytt i Uka 1 Ålesund Local company 1985 39 800  
Sørlandsavisen TS (TS-avisen) 1 Arendal Local company 2003 (1998) 25 000  
Lillehammer Byavis 1 Lillehammer Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen 2007/2006 24 000  
Byavisa Moss 1 Moss Content Media 2010 22 600  
Stjørdals-Nytt 1 Stjørdal Local company 1984 19 500  
Hamar Dagblad 1 Hamar Østlendingen (Amedia) 2005/1999 18 000  
KarmøyNytt 1 Karmøy Local company 2011 17 500  
Gjøviks Blad 1 Gjøvik Hamar Media 2002 14 293  
Totens Blad 1 Østre Toten Hamar Media 1998 13 804  
Oppegård Avis 1 Oppegård Local company 2013 11 000  

Information about free newspapers are not updated every year.

The information includes free print newspapers published at least once a week only.

Years in brackets refer to start year for newspapers which previously were published less frequent than once a week. Years behind / refer to start year for newspapers which previously were subscription newspapers.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

Medienorge may have more detailed data than presented here. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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