Number of Norwegian online newspapers by category
Media researcher Sigurd Høst annually compiles information about all Norwegian newspapers published minimum once a week, and presents the results in a report titled 'Avisåret'. At regular intervals Høst also makes a survey of Norwegian online newspapers.

The overview below covers online versions of paid print newspaper titles only. Neither free papers nor web-only newspapers are included.

Number of Norwegian online newspapers by category 1996 - 2016

Newspaper type19961997199819992000200120032005200620082010201120122013201420152016  
Updated news service----47------------ 
Updated news service, dailies---12-392338606963585762646666 
Updated news service, non-dailies-----716365877483238466690101 
Substantial online paper1636374757636644282440584943261611 
Limited online paper2916191822385163492644464635311917 
Samples from print edition-----------467763 
Own homepage1710151913132424172120192121211512 
Paywall/paid content----------25152755125151 

By the end of each year or January the following year.

Years 1997-1999 include daily newspapers only.

The information is not updated every year.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

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