Ten largest Norwegian print newspapers
Below you can find print circulation figures and annual change in print circualtion for the ten largest newspapers in Norway each year. The information is based on circulation data from the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL) which organises the majority of Norwegian newspapers. MBL publishes annual statistics based on audited reports from member newspapers.

2018 onwards more newspaper sales with discounts are included than before, and circulation figures are published every six months. In the table below the circulation of the last six months every year is used.
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Ten largest newspapers in Norway 2019

2019 Circulation Change in
no. of copies
Aftenposten 119 199 13 210  
VG-Verdens Gang 55 587 9 816  
Adresseavisen 38 284 3 593  
Bergens Tidende 38 243 3 973  
Stavanger Aftenblad 34 007 2 618  
Dagbladet 31 129 4 486  
Aftenposten junior 28 069 1 090  
Klassekampen 27 469 -1 664  
Morgenbladet 24 502 1 795  
Fædrelandsvennen 20 943 2 000  

2018 onwards circulation numbers are reported twice a year based on six-month periods instead of a whole year, and more sales with discounts are included than before. Medianorway will be using circulation figures for the last six months every year.

2014 onwards circulation data are stated in a new way, given as print circulation, digital circulation and net total. As print circulation previous years includes a minor share of electronic newspaper sale (1-2 per cent), which from 2014 on is included in digital newspaper circulation, circulation change 2014 is not published.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

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