Largest media groups in Norway
Below you will find a list of the largest media groups in Norway, ranked according to annual turnover (operating revenue) in the Norwegian market. Data are based on the companies' annual accounts, web sites, and on information obtained directly from the companies' management. Turnover figures are based on group accounts: revenue between subsidiary companies in the same group has been eliminated; revenue in subsidiaries is included with 100 per cent. Until 2014 turnover in joint ventures was divided between the owners. Due to changes in international accounting standards, revenue from joint ventures is excluded 2014 onwards. The effect of this change varies between media groups, depending on the scale of co-ownership.

When turnover for Norway is not available, data are estimated based on information directly from the companies. Turnover in foreign currencies has been converted to NOK according to average exchange rates the relevant year. When ownership shares are not given, companies are wholly owned.
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Largest media groups in Norway 2017

Group Owners per 31.12. Media activities,
brand names
(mill. NOK)
(mill. NOK)
share (percent)
Schibsted Blommenholm Industrier (Tinius Foundation) (26%), Folketrygdfondet (6%), NWT Media AS (4%) Newspapers: VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad, local papers, Polaris Media (29%), online classifieds ( 90%) 7 065 16 943 42
Egmont Fonden (Denmark) Self-owned foundation TV channels: TV 2 Group. Books & magazines: Cappelen Damm 50%, Egmont Publishing. Film production/distribution: Nordisk Film, 14 cinemas . Online:,, Nettavisen 50%) 7 017 14 119 50
- TV 2 Gruppen Egmont Fonden (Denmark) TV: TV 2, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Bliss, TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, TV 2 Filmkanalen, TV 2 Sportskanalen, TV 2 Sumo, RiksTV (33,3%). Online: 4 257 4 257 100
NRK The Norwegian state TV Channels: NRK1, NRK2, NRK3/Super, RiksTV (33,3%). Radio: P1, P2, P3, mp3, NRK Alltid Nyheter, P1+. Online: NRK TV, 5 921 5 921 100
Amedia Amedia Foundation (100%) 63 local newspapers, 1 free newspaper. Online: Nettavisen (50%) 3 201 3 533 89
Modern Times Group, MTG (Sweden) The Stenbeck family (Sweden) (controlled through direct og indirect ownership) TV: TV3, Viasat 4, TV6, Viasat, Viasat Play, Viafree, Strix Televisjon, Monster, Novemberfilm. Radio: P4, P5, P6 and others 2 904 16 976 17
Discovery Communications (USA) Advance/Newhouse Communications Corp. (24%), John Malone (Liberty Media) (21%) TV Channels: TVNorge, Fem, Max, Vox, Discovery, TLC, Eurosport Norge, Dplay. 2 127 56 792 4
Aller (Denmark) Aller Foundation (>50%) Newspaper: Dagbladet. Magazines: Allers, KK, Se og Hør. Online: Dinside, SOL, Lommelegen. 1 883 5 716 33
Gyldendal Erik Must AS (86%), Fr Falck Frås (4%) Book publishing: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Tiden, Kolon, Bestselgerforlaget. Book shops: Ark Bokhandel. Book distribution: Forlagssentralen 50%. Book clubs: De norske Bokklubbene (49%) 1 848 1 848 100
Cappelen Damm Egmont (Denmark) (50 %), Bonnier (Sweden) (50%) Book publishing: Cappelen Damm, Bazar, Flamme, NorskeSerier. Book stores: Tanum. Book distribution: Sentraldistribusjon. Online: Storytel (50%) 1 575 1 575 100
Polaris Media Schibsted (29%), Nye Wermlands-Tidningens AB (26%), Must Invest (15%), Sparebank 1 SMN (11%) Newspapers: 29 regional and local newspapers (incl. Adresseavisen and Sunnmørsposten). Online classifieds: (10%) 1 518 1 518 100

The Aller Group's accountings period starts October 1 and ends September 30 the following year.

From January 2018 the online newspaper Nettavisen is wholly owned by Amedia.

Television distributors Telenor and Get are no longer included in the table because accounts for Telenor are no longer available.

Telenor sold its holdings in Amedia in February 2016

Where the owners' share of voting power differ from the share of capital, voting power is used.

Amedia's operations outside of Norway consist of printing presses in Russia.

Egmont Fonden is both a self-owning, charitable foundation and a business-operating company. Information about turnover in Norway is provided by Egmont's management.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

Medienorge may have more detailed data than presented here. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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