Weekly use of mobile media content by sex and age
The statistics on use of mobile media content are based on results from the comprehensive media survey Consumer & Media, conducted by Kantar TNS Norway. The survey is carried out by use of telephone interviews and maps several types of media usage, including the use of media content via mobile phones.

Data below show the share of Norwegians, aged 12 years and older, which has accessed mobile media content weekly. The results can be broken down by sex and age. Statistics on daily use of mobile media content can be found here, but only for the total population.
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Weekly use of mobile media content by sex and age 2016 distributed by all (prosent)

12 years +72  

Includes both use of ordinary web-sites via mobile phone and use of mobile web-portals.

From Q2 2014 onwards, an adjusted weight is applied. With this weight, the Q1 2014 total (12 years +) would be 61%.

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