Total TV viewing the average day
The data on total TV viewing is based upon results from the Norwegian TV Meter Survey. The survey monitors all television viewing in private Norwegian households using an electronic TV meter. In 2014 the household sample counted approximately 1000 households. The TV Meter Survey is comissioned by TV channels operating in Norway.

nitially (years 1992-1999) the company responsible for conducting the survey was MMI. From 2000 onwards, the company in charge has been Kantar TNS Norway. Kantar made substancial changes to the survey layout, which resulted in a significant increase in viewing time, especially among younger age groups. Today viewing on all TV-screens, including screens connected to Apple TV, Chromecast etc., is monitored.

Below you can find data on television viewing the average day, based on results for a full year. You can choose between:
  • daily reach - viewers as share of population
  • viewing time - average viewing time in minutes
The data can be broken down by sex, age and education.
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Kantar TNS: Average daily viewing time 2000 - 2017, distributed by all (minutes)

Viewing time200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201520162017  
12+ years163158157164166164156154174184183178175168174173167150 

Until July 2016 the TV Meter Survey included households with TVs connected through cabel, satellite or TV antennea only. From July 2016 onwards, households with TVs exclusively connected to the Internet are also included.

In July 2014 Kantar TNS started measuring TV-viewing outside the home - at summer houses, pubs etc.- by way of a portable meter. This change led to a significant increase in recorded viewing. Web TV viewing on PC/Mac was included in the survey late in 2013, but was suspended in July 2014. Due to the method used these ratings were very low.

From 2008 onwards, playback of recorded programs within 7 days of transmission is included in the viewing time.

When Kantar TNS resumed responsibility for the survey in 2000 important changes were made. The sample size was doubled, all TV sets in the households were monitored and new rules for viewer registration were established. The result was a significant increase in viewing time, especially among younger age groups.

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