Number of TV subscriptions by type of access
Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) compiles annual statistics on the Norwegian electronic telecommunications market. 2007 onwards, the statistics also include the television distribution market. The statistics are published by Nkom in an annual report, 'The Norwegian market for electronic communications services'.

The table below shows number of TV subscriptions, private and enterprise, in total and by form of access, i.e. the type of technology used to receive TV signals. Data do not include end users who only receive the DTT distributor RiksTV's 'free channels'. Users who received TV signals from the analogue terrestrial network which was phased out in 2007-2009, also are not included.
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Number of TV subscriptions by type of access 2007 - 2018 (thousand subs.)

Cable TV887933936945945947935917891858805722 
Digital terrestrial network59175260290289288282278273270263253 
Total1 7341 9532 0642 1262 1612 1912 2092 2252 2332 2312 2312 202 

Number of registered subscriptions by end of the year. Note that the same person, company, etc. can have more that one subscription. Consequently, number of subscribers can be lower than number of subscriptions. At the same time one subscriber can have several forms of TV access - for example cable TV at home and terrestrial network at his/her cabin or cottage.

'DSL' was previously called 'Other' and included subscriptions to mobile TV. From 2012 onwards mobile TV-subscriptions have been removed from the data for all years.

Information on cable TV subscriptions is mainly collected from cable network operators who also offer broadband connections. Thus some smaller cable TV distributors, principally those owned by the users, may not be included in the statistics.

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