Revenue from TV subscriptions by type of access
Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) compiles annual statistics on the Norwegian electronic telecommunications market. From 2007 onwards the statistics also include the television distribution market. Statistics are published by the Nkom in an annual report, 'The Norwegian market for electronic communications services'.

The table below shows revenue from TV subscriptions in Norway - both in total and by type of access, i.e. the technology used to distribute TV signals. The revenue are not based on subscription fees only, but also include income from extra services such as video rentals etc. Revenue is presented in NOK or as market shares in percent.
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Revenue from TV subscriptions by type of access 2007 - 2017 (Mill NOK)

Cable TV1 4951 7292 2302 3132 4022 5642 7052 8012 8382 7422 928 
Satellite2 2772 4792 5842 6572 6022 6432 6462 6652 6862 6662 592 
Digital terrestrial network513745758979311 0881 1651 1961 1861 2211 298 
Fibre1452924836108531 0881 2891 5721 8112 1252 533 
Total3 9684 8845 8916 4946 8167 4207 8358 2658 5468 7839 364 

The 'DSL' category was previously called 'Other' and included subscriptions to mobile TV. From 2012 onwards mobile TV-subscriptions has been removed from the data for all years.

Information about Cable TV revenue is collected mainly from cable TV operators also offering broadband connections. Consequently some smaller cable TV operators, principally those owned by the users, may not be included in the statistics.

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