Kantar TNS Norway

Kantar TNS was established in 1946 and is one of Norway's largest market research companies. The company provides most of the audience measurement systems in Norway. Kantar TNS is responsible for the TV Meter Survey, which provides data on the Norwegian population's viewing habits and the TV channels' markets shares, as well as the national radio survey. It conducts the Consumer & Media Survey which monitors various types of media use, such as newspaper- and magazine readership. The company also conducts surveys of access to and use of the Internet. Some results from these surveys are published on the company's web site.
Kantar TNS Norway
Kirkegata 20
P.B. 240 Sentrum
N-0103 OSLO
Tlf.: 91 11 16 00
E-post: info@tns-gallup.no
URL: http://www.tns-gallup.no/