Did you know that Norwegian print newspapers have lost two thirds of their ad revenue?

In 2008 the ad revenue of print newspapers was 7.7 billions NOK. In 2018 it was less than 2.6 billions.
Shown graph: Net advertising revenue in Norwegian media   Source: IRM
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On this website you can find facts and figures about media in Norway, published by the information service medianorway. You can also find information about our sources, as well as links to Norwegian and Nordic media websites. Our main website are in Norwegian and offers more comprehensive media statistics than you will find here.

medianorway is a public information centre located at the University of Bergen and financed by the Ministry of Culture. We compile Norwegian media statistics from a number of different sources and publish the data on Internet. Our objective is to document media trends and development in Norway.

medianorway participates in a Nordic collaboration to produce comparative media statistics for the Nordic countries, coordinated by the knowledge centre NORDICOM in Sweden. The results from the collaboration are published on Nordicoms website and in the book series Nordic Media Trends, which can be ordered from the same website.

For an overview of the Norwegian media landscape, we can recommend the article Media Landscape: Norway, written by Helge Østbye for the European Journalism Centre. Helge Østbye is a professor of media studies at the University of Bergen.