Number of Norwegian online newspapers by type
Media researcher Sigurd Høst has annually compiled information about all Norwegian newspapers published minimum once a week. Regularly Høst also has conducted a survey of the newspapers' online versions. The results have been published in a report titled 'Avisåret'.

The overview below covers online versions of paid print newspaper titles only. Neither free papers nor web-only newspapers are included.

Number of Norwegian online newspapers by type 1996 - 2019

Newspaper type
Updated news service-------59- 
Updated news service, dailies---------12 
Substantial online paper------16363747 
Limited online paper------29161918 
Own homepage------17101519 
Newspaper type
Updated news service47--------- 
Updated news service, dailies-39-23-3860-69- 
Updated news service, non-dailies-7-16-3658-77- 
Substantial online paper5763-66-4428-24- 
Substancial/updated news service total104109-105-118146-170- 
Limited online paper2238-51-6349-26- 
Own homepage1313-24-2417-21- 
Newspaper type
Updated news service, dailies63585762646666--- 
Updated news service, non-dailies483238466690101--- 
Substantial online paper40584943261611--- 
Substancial/updated news service total151148144151156172178179184186 
Limited online paper4446463531191712127 
Joint local website----466655 
Samples from print edition-467763744 
Own homepage201921212115121299 
Paywall/paid content25152755125151175183190 

The information applies to the end of each year or to January the following year and includes online versions of paid print newspaper titles only.

2008 onwards more stringent update requirements to qualify as an "updated news service, non-dailies" were applied. Stricter update requirements for "updated news service, dailies" were applied beginning in 2003.

Years 1997-1999 include daily newspapers only.

The information was not updated yearly Until 2010.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

Medienorge may have more detailed data than presented here. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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