Ten largest Norwegian newspapers

Below you can find circulation figures and annual change in circualtion for the ten largest newspapers in Norway each year. The information is based on data from the Norwegian Media Businesses' Association (MBL) and the National Association of Local Newspapers (LLA). MBL organises the majority of Norwegian newspapers and publishes annual statistics based on audited reports from member newspapers. LLA is an association for smaller local newspapers and has about 110 members.

Until 2014 circulation data was based on print copies mainly. Digitales sales were included from 2014 onwards

From 2018 onwards more sales with discounts are included than before, and circulation figures are published every six months. In the table below circulation of the last six months every year is used.

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Ten largest newspapers in Norway 2022

2022 Circulation Change in
no. of copies
VG* 308 469 -3 142  
Aftenposten 252 448 -1 760  
Dagbladet* 110 092 619  
Dagens Næringsliv 94 094 -1 894  
Bergens Tidende 89 533 480  
Adresseavisen 75 584 -1 219  
Stavanger Aftenblad 63 973 8  
Fædrelandsvennen 37 261 - 591  
Klassekampen 33 265 - 771  
Romerikes Blad 33 148 - 498  


From 2017 onwards the circulation of VG includes VG's online premium edition. Dagbladet's premium edition is included in the circulation of Dagbladet from 2015 onwards.

From 2018 onwards circulation numbers are reported twice a year based on six-month periods instead of a whole year, and more sales with discounts are included than before. Here circulation figures for the last six months every year are used.

Until 2014 the circulation data was based on print editions. From 2014 onwards circulation data are measured as print circulation, digital circulation and net total. In this overview net total circulation, including both print and digital circulation (without overlap), is used.