Number of newspapers and total circulation
Data on total number of print newspapers and total circulation in Norway are based on the report Avisåret, written by media researcher Sigurd Høst. Høst annually compiles information about all Norwegian newspapers published minimum once a week. Comprehensive statistics is presented every year in the report, which is published by Volda University College.

Total circulation is based on average circulation per issue, not including Sunday editions. 2014 onwards the total includes circulation of the newspapers' paid online editions. From 2018 circulation figures are reported twice a year, for six-month periods, instead of a whole year, and more sales with discounts are included than before. In the table below data for the last six months every year is used. Circulation of the premium online edition of Norway's largest newspaper, VG+, is included from 2017. The changes contribute to a significant rise in total circulation.

Comparative circulation data for Norway and the other Nordic countries can be found at Nordicom.

Number of newspapers and total circulation 1952 - 2019

Number of newspapers227193191211219216202209220223  
Total circulation (1000)1 7551 9622 0692 4472 7803 0483 1283 1633 1403 146  
Number of newspapers218217217222225225228228228225  
Total circulation (1000)3 1033 0943 0723 0513 0102 9392 8672 8432 7632 659  
Number of newspapers226228227229230228227223223218  
Total circulation (1000)2 5722 5012 4212 2302 1502 0412 0182 1412 3222 317  

Total circulation includes print newspapers published at least once a week, and their paid online editions, only. This may exclude som members of the newspaper business associations, MBL and LLA.

The premium edition of Norway's largest online newspaper, VG+, is included in the total 2017 onwards. This contributes to a significant increase in total circulation.

2014 onwards total circulation is based on total net circulation (print circulation plus digital subscriptions and sale of digital editions). 2018 onwards circulation numbers are reported twice a year based on six-month periods instead of a whole year, and more sales with discounts are included than before. Medianorway is using circulation figures for the last six months every year.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

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