Newspaper readership, print and online

Statistics Norway has been conducting annual surveys of media use since 1991 (with the execption of 1993). The objective of the studies is to map the Norwegian population's use of different types of media. The surveys are financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture.

Below you can find survey results documenting newspaper readership, print and online, the average day. Readership of print newspapers online includes the use of news sites belonging to newspapers with print editions. Questions about use of other online news sites were included i 2016. Data are given as share of population, and can be broken down by age for all years. From 2014 onwards data can also be broken down by sex and education.

Comparative data for Norway and the other Nordic countries can be found at Nordicom.

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Newspaper readership, print and online 2001 - 2021 (per cent)

PrintAll (9-79 years) - 787777757474726865 
OnlineAll (9-79 years) - 101217192731343540 
Total print/onlineAll (9-79 years) - 797980798182817778 
PrintAll (9-79 years)64635551494239323027 
OnlineAll (9-79 years)43484952545156525155 
Total print/onlineAll (9-79 years)80797776757273686466 
Other news sitesAll (9-79 years) - - - - - - 34323640 
Online totalAll (9-79 years) - - - - - - 65616265 
Readership totalAll (9-79 years) - - - - - - 79747273 
PrintAll (9-79 years)2422 
OnlineAll (9-79 years)6059 
Total print/onlineAll (9-79 years)7068 
Other news sitesAll (9-79 years)4142 
Online totalAll (9-79 years)7069 
Readership totalAll (9-79 years)7776 

The categories print and online are non-exclusive.

Distribution by education covers age group 16-79 years.

When using data from this database please refer to medianorway as well as the original source of the statistics.

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