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Element SORT is undefined in FORM.

Caught an exception, type = Expression

The contents of the tag stack are:

1 ?? (2,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\includes_en\statistikk\medienorge_sok\253\search.cfm
2 CFINCLUDE (16,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\excel_download.cfm
3 CFINCLUDE (1,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\includes_en\statistikk\excel_download.cfm
4 CFINCLUDE (13,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\includes_en\content.cfm
5 CFINCLUDE (183,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\templates\default_en.cfm
6 CFINCLUDE (52,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\applications\websider\config\initialize.cfm
7 CFINCLUDE (31,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\config\initialize.cfm
8 CFINCLUDE (22,0) H:\medienorge\Websider\www\english\index.cfm
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