Radio listening the average day

Statistics Norway has been conducting annual surveys of media use since 1991 (with the exception of 1993). The surveys are financed mainly by the Ministry of Culture. The objective is to map the Norwegian population's use of different mass media.

Below you can find results concerning radio listening the average day. Data are given as share of population in per cent or average listening time in minutes, and can be broken down by sex, age and education. Listening to live online online radio is included in the results from 2007 onwards.

Comparative listening data for Norway and the other Nordic countries is found at Nordicom.

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Radio listening the average day, distributed by all (per cent)

All (9-79 years)-7165-676659615960 
All (9-79 years)57565858585554535453 
All (9-79 years)56556059645959545048 
All (9-79 years)4947 


In 2020, the survey did not include questions concerning radio listening time. Data on listening time in minutes is thus not included.

From 2007 onwards listening to live online radio is included.

Distribution by education covers age group 16-79 years.