PPM - listening data at company level

From 2019 onwards Nielsen Media Research is responible for measuring daily listening on Norway's nationwide radio channels. The PPM survey is a continuation of the survey carried out by Kantar TNS Norway between 2006 and 2018, using mainly the same method.

The survey is carried out by way of a nationwide panel which is equipped with electronic measuring apparatuses that recognise all radio sound transmitted from the participating radio channels. Only radio channels taking part in the survey is monitored, and results may vary depending on the number of channels participating. Timeshift listening - including podcasts - until 7 days after broadcast is included.

The main changes to the survey layout after Nielsen took over from Kantar i 2019 are: More NRKs channels are included, the panel is twice the size as the previous one and the lower age limit has been reduced from 12 to 10 years.

Below you can find market shares, daily reach and listening time the average day for the three largest radio companies in Norway. Data can be broken down by sex, age and education. Listening figures at channel level can be found here. Comparative listening data for Norway and the other Nordic countries can be found at the Nordic knowledge center Nordicom.

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Market shares the average day 2021 (share of population)

NRKP4 GruppenBauer  
202110+ years 66,0 22,7 11,3  


Listening is reported by the minute.

The PPM data include passive listening or exposure to radio transmissions, independent of whether the listeners are aware of the radio transmissions - e.g. radio broadcasts in shops, restaurants etc.