Market shares Norwegian TV channels

From 1992 onwards market shares of Norwegian TV channels have been based upon results from the Norwegian TV Meter Survey, using an electronic TV meter to monitor viewing. The survey has monitored all television viewing in private Norwegian households owning a television set.

In 2018 the survey changed its name to TVOV and was subject to several changes: Live online viewing on all types of screens, both in and out of home, was included, and the universe was extended with households without a TV set. Instead of persons 12 years and older owning a TV, it now covers the whole population 10-79 years old. A sub sample of children is monitored as well. As before, the survey is comissioned by TV channels operating in Norway.

MMI was responsible for the survey in 1992-1999. In 2000 Kantar TNS Norway took over and made substancial changes to the survey layout. This resulted in a significant increase in viewing time, especially among younger age groups. In 2008 timeshifted viewing was included, and from 2014 viewing outside the home has been monitored as well.

Below you can find data on television viewing the average day, based on results for a full year. You can choose between:

  • market shares - share of total viewing time
  • daily reach - viewers as share of population
  • viewing time - average viewing time in minutes

The data can be broken down by sex, age and education. Channel names in italic indicates that the channel is discontinued.

Comparative viewing data for Norway and the other Nordic countries is found at Nordicom.

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Kantar TNS: Average daily market shares year 2021, distributed by all (per cent)

TV 2TV 2
TV 2
TV 2
TV 2
Sport 1
TV 2
Sport 2
TV 2
Premium 1
TV 2
Premium 2
2021All 10-79 yearsWhole day 35,9 5,2 1,6 17,8 1,8 4,5 1,0 0,6 0,5 0,8 0,1 5,7 1,5 1,9 1,6 0,8 4,2 1,8 1,7 0,2 10,9 100,0  


In 2018 TV 2 Sportskanalen was discontinued and replaced with TV 2 Sport 1 and TV 2 Sport 2.

Through the years, several changes have been made concerning how viewing is measured and among whom it is measured. From 2018 onwards, all linear and time shifted viewing, on all screens and platforms, both in and out of home, is monitored. All households, including those without a TV set, are included. Until 2018 households with TVs sets were included only.

In July 2014 Kantar TNS started measuring TV-viewing outside the home - at summer houses, pubs etc.- by way of a portable meter. This change led to a significant increase in recorded viewing. 2008 onwards, playback of recorded programs within 7 days of transmission has been included. In 2000 Kantar TNS assumed responsibility for the survey from MMI. Kantar TNS doubled the sample size, started monitoring all TV sets in the households and introduced new rules for viewer registration. The result was a significant increase in TV viewing, especially among the young.

Market shares, viewing time and reach for channels with transmissions parts of the calendar year only, will be too low because the figures are averages based on totals for the whole year. TV 2 was launched in September 1992. NRK2 started services in September 1996. TV 2's market share in September-December 1992 was 12-15%.

TV 2 Filmkanalen and TV 2 Bliss were both discontinued i 2015. The channels were replaced by TV 2 Humor and TV 2 Livsstil.

From 2010 onwards, time periods used for market shares are somewhat modified.